What factors must be considered in the selection of stainless steel bearings?


Limiting speed:
The limit speed is the maximum allowable working speed of the bearing. Exceeding this limit, the operating temperature of stainless steel bearings will continue to rise, and the lubricant will dry up, so that the bearings will be stuck. Therefore, the limit speed of the selected bearing should be 10% higher than the maximum working speed of the bearing.
Use environment:
Stainless steel bearings can be rust-proof to a certain extent, but when the bearings are in a very harsh corrosive environment, such as strong acid and alkali liquid, ordinary stainless steel bearings cannot be completely rust-proof, and bearing rust can easily cause bearing seizure, so it is necessary Choose stainless steel bearings of different materials according to different environments.
Operating temperature:
Special treatment is required for stainless steel bearings used in high-temperature environments. Usually, we will ask the customer about the operating temperature and the limit temperature in advance to avoid the bearing being stuck or affecting the production due to the high operating temperature of the bearing.
When considering the load factor, it should be noted that the life of the stainless steel bearing is more sensitive to the load than the speed. When using a multi-stage drive shaft, it is advisable to place a larger deceleration in the later stage; for the main shaft bearing, the external load should be appropriately adjusted The distance between the point and the bearing fulcrum strives to reduce the load on the spindle bearing, and strives to smooth the load transmitted to the spindle bearing to avoid shock and vibration.