Tilting pad radial bearings

Tilting pad radial bearings

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Tilting pad radial bearings Details

    Tilting Pad radial Bearings are designed to transfer high axial loads from rotating shafts with minimum power loss,while simplifying installation and maintenance.The shaft diameters for which the bearings are designed range from 20mm to over 1000mm.The maximum loads for the various bearing types range from 0.5 to 500 tons.Bearings of larger size and load capacity can be made to special order.
    Each bearing consists of a series of pads supported in a carrier ring; each pad is free to tilt so as to create a self-sustaining hydrodynamic film.The carrier ring may be in one piece or in halves,and there are various location arrangements.
     Two options exist for lubrication.One is by fully flooding the bearing housing,the other,which is more suitable for higher speed applications, directs oil to the thrust face; this oil is then allowed to drain freely from the bearing housing.

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