Compressor tilting pad journal bearings

Compressor tilting pad journal bearings

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Compressor tilting pad journal bearings Details

    This is a tilting pad type journal bearing consisting of a number (generally five or four) of arcuate journal pads retained within an annular shell and associated end plates.The bearing will accept radial load in any direction and is particularly useful under high speed, light load conditions where bearing instability may be encountered with other types of journal bearings.
     Several basic types are produced, all based around the same journal pads.The differences in these basic types are in the housing seat configuration and whether a thrust face is incorporated.
     The radial pads are constructed so they are free to tilt in the bore of the shell.This action assists in the generation of the hydrodynamic oil film at each pad and is basic to the inherent stability characteristics of this type bearing.
      Bearing clearance and preload are key parameters affecting bearing performance, it has great influence on the performance of bearing power loss, oil film temperature and thickness, lubricating oil flow, the stiffness and damping parameters, and so on. Bearing assembly clearance and preload was the response of the relationship among rotor diameter, pad diameter and bearing assembly.
       The reasonable bearing clearance is related with the speed, in order to make the standard pads use for rotors with different speed, usually to adjust the bearing clearance by changing the rotor diameter. This basic hole system make standard series bearings can be suitable for various working conditions.Our bearings are exchangeable of waukesha bearing,kingsbury bearing,atlas  bearing,IHI bearing.

Application:Middle,high speed and middle,heavy load machines,such as compressors,gearboxes,turbines and pumps.etc.

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Zhejiang BHS Journal Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional Compressor tilting pad journal bearings Manufacturers and Compressor tilting pad journal bearings factory, has been focusing on slide bearing’s design, manufacture, experiment and fault diagnosis for many years, BHS has become an excellent supplier of solutions for sliding bearing systems in China.

The company has more than 50sets of precision CNC machining center, Babbitt alloy casting equipment, Babbitt alloy sprayer, heat treatment, and other equipment. The annual production capacity of 26,000 sets of slide bearings. Through continuous technological research, the company has the ability to manufacture various types of slide bearings.

Our company approved by ISO:9001-2015, ISO:14001-2015, ISO:45001-20018, Standardization Safty production Certificate, National High-Tech Enterprise certificate, Provincial High-Tech Enterprise certificate, Military supplier certificate and variety of patents 30 kinds.

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