Multi-stage pump slide Bearings

Multi-stage pump slide Bearings

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Multi-stage pump slide Bearings Details

Self-balance tilting pad thrust bearing has self-centering ability and pad self-balance ability under load , allowing shaft and bearing seat has a certain misalignment. When bearing pad occurred unbalanced load due to machining or assembly errors, bearing’s self-balance mechanism can realize adjustment among pads load, which makes temperature distribution more uniform among pads. Therefore, comparing with non self-balance tilting pad thrust bearing, self-balance bearing has bigger load capacity, more suitable for high speed heavy load working conditions.We are cooperating with Ebara pumps,KSB pumps,Sulzer Pumps,Andriz Pumps.etc.

Application:Middle,high speed and middle,heavy load machines,such as compressors,gearboxes,turbines and pumps.etc.

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