Tilting pad bearings

Tilting pad bearings

Tilting pad bearings,journal bearings,Plain bearings,tilting pad thrust bearings,radial bearings

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Tilting pad bearings Details

Tilting pad bearings can provide ideal dynamic characteristics, such as stiffness ,damping, which in order to ensure the stability of machinery rotor system .Through adopts advanced professional production line ,high precision fixture tools and new testing equipments, effectively guarantee the accuracy of product size precision and shape tolerance, so that bearing has stability and reliability of static and dynamic characteristics.This bearing speed from 3000rpm-70000rpm,linear speed up to 130m/s.The tilting pad radial bearings have 4-pads for shaft size 20-500mm,5-pad for shaft size 20-500mm.Pad pressure less 3Mpa.

For larger shaft sizes it is usually necessary to consider improved forms of pad pivot design to ensure high stiffness combined with ability to tilt and align;Standard pads are steel backed(42CrMo,)lined with tin based white metal (babbitt) to specification ISO SnSb8Cu4. If designed tilting pad temperature over 90degree C,the pads material have to be Cu-Cr alloy to decrease temperature.Our bearings can make replacement of Waukesha bearings,Kingsbury bearings,Atlas bearings,IHI bearings,MAN turbine bearings,GE turbine bearings,Siemens turbine bearings.

Application: compressors,high speed gearboxes,gas turbines,steam turbines,high speed pumps,turbo expander,high speed motor.etc.

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