• What are the classifications of bearings?

    What are the classifications of bearings?

    Bearings are important components in mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load during the transmission process of the equipment. Bearings are divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings according ... read more

    Jan 13,2022 News
  • Trouble Shooting and Elimination Measures for Planar Thrust Ball Bearings

    Trouble Shooting and Elimination Measures for Planar Thrust Ball Bearings

    Troubleshooting: Replace the front plane thrust ball bearing and grease, adjust the bearing clearance, the axial clearance is 0.003mm, the radial clearance is ±0.002mm; self-made simple grinding tool, hand-grind the bearing inner cone positioning surface, and use the coloring method to check, Ensure... read more

    Jan 07,2022 News
  • Bearing maintenance method

    Bearing maintenance method

    Types of damage: Causes of damage and treatment methods Glue bearings are overheated, overloaded, improper operation or temperature control system failure 1. If the bearing is found to be overheated during movement, it should be stopped and checked immediately. It is best to keep the rotor running a... read more

    Dec 29,2021 News
  • Features of rolling bearings

    Features of rolling bearings

    Compared with sliding bearings, rolling bearings have the following advantages: 1. Rolling bearings have realized generalization, serialization and standardization, which are more suitable for mass production and supply, and are very convenient for use and maintenance; 2. The friction coefficient of... read more

    Dec 24,2021 News
  • Main models of motor bearings

    Main models of motor bearings

    QABP variable frequency motor bearings M2QA-H Marine Motor Bearing Y2 series motor bearing model Shaft extension end: 6201-2E-C3, 6202-2E-C3, 6204-2E-C3, 6205-2E-C3, 6206-2E-C3, 6308-2E-C3, 6311-C3, 6312-C3, 6313 C3, 6314-C3, 6317-C3, 6319-C3, NU319, NU322 Fan end: 6201-2E-C3, 6202-2E-C3, 6204-2E-C3... read more

    Dec 17,2021 News