• Points to note for bearings?

    Points to note for bearings?

    Pay attention to the points From the perspective of use, to ensure that the bearing can work reliably, pay attention to the following points: 1. Improve lubrication quality, control oil pressure, temperature and flow, and strengthen oil filtration. 2. Use fuel and lubricating oil that meet the requi... read more

    Jan 18,2021 News
  • What does the bearing do?

    What does the bearing do?

    In terms of its function, it should be support, that is, it is used to support the shaft literally, but this is only part of its function. The essence of support is to be able to bear radial loads. It can also be understood as it is used to fix the shaft. The automatic selection of bearings is inclu... read more

    Jan 11,2021 News
  • Bearing material?

    Bearing material?

    Features of bearing steel: 1. Contact fatigue strength    Bearing under the action of periodic load, it is easy to cause fatigue damage when contacting the surface, that is, cracks and peeling appear, which is an important damage situation of the bearing. Therefore, in order to improve the service l... read more

    Jan 04,2021 News
  • About the bearing parameters?

    About the bearing parameters?

    life Under a certain load, the number of revolutions or hours the bearing experiences before pitting corrosion is called the bearing life. The life of a rolling bearing is defined by the number of revolutions (or hours of work at a certain speed): the bearing within this life should have preliminary... read more

    Dec 28,2020 News
  • The historical development of bearings?

    The historical development of bearings?

    The early form of linear motion bearings was to place a row of wooden poles under a row of skid plates. Modern linear motion bearings use the same working principle, but sometimes use balls instead of rollers. The simplest rotary bearing is a bushing bearing, which is just a bush sandwiched between ... read more

    Dec 21,2020 News