• Motor bearing installation steps

    Motor bearing installation steps

    (1) Wash the bearing with kerosene, press it into the bearing seat, fill the rollers of the outer ring of the bearing with Shell No. 3 lithium base grease to two-thirds full, apply it evenly with a clean hand, install the bearing gland, and use additional coating The tightening bolt of the bolt anti... read more

    Sep 26,2021 News
  • Installation of motor bearings

    Installation of motor bearings

    Whether the motor bearing is installed or not will directly affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, please fully study the installation of the bearing, that is, please install the bearing in accordance with the operating standards including the following items. ●Clean th... read more

    Sep 17,2021 News
  • Motor bearing

    Motor bearing

    Motor bearing, also known as motor bearing or motor bearing, is a kind of special bearing specially applied to motor or motor. The bearing used in the motor is a part that supports the shaft. It can guide the rotation of the shaft and can also withstand the idling parts on the shaft. The concept of ... read more

    Sep 10,2021 News
  • What is

    What is "steam turbine bearing"

    Turbine radial bearings are divided into two types: fixed-pad bearings and tilting-pad bearings. Fixed tile bearing Fixed pad bearings include cylindrical bearings, elliptical pad bearings, multi-oil wedge and multi-oil leaf bearings (currently not widely used). Ordinary cylindrical bearings are com... read more

    Sep 02,2021 News
  • Sliding bearing

    Sliding bearing

    Sliding bearings are very similar in design to rolling bearings except that they do not use ball bearings when sliding. If they are cylindrical, they are usually called bushings. The bushing can be metal or plastic material, or even air. Sliding bearings can run on hardened steel or stainless steel ... read more

    Aug 27,2021 News