Motor bearings Suppliers

Similar with pumps ,motors has whole range of using of products from us,such as plain bearings for high voltage motor,speed around 1500rpm-3000rpm,power from 800kw to 10000kw, bearings with flange housing;Tilting pad bearings for high speed motor,speed from 4000rpm to 35000rpm,power from 150kw to 10000kw;vertical thrust bearings for vertical motor,speed from 150rpm to 1500rpm,power from 300kw to 8000kw.Generator bearings are similar with high voltage motor ,that use the full range of us bearings,products as internal bearings or complete assemblies with a housing.Power generaors tend to use the conventional material conbination of white metal and steel backing,Hydrostatic jacking for start-up and run-down is common on large machines.