Vertical thrust pad bearings

Vertical thrust pad bearings

Thrust bearing for vertical motor,vertical pumps,vertical thrust bearings.

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Vertical thrust pad bearings Details

Vertical thrust sliding bearing adopts advanced round thrust bearing pad structure, which is better than traditional rigid support fan-shaped thrust bearing pad. The bearing pad is made of low carbon steel, like #20 steel, with ZSnSb11Cu6 cast on the steel surface. Disc spring is used between bearing shoe and support plate to ensure uniform distribution of thrust load among bushes. In this way, it is not necessary for traditional rigid support thrust bearing to grind bearing shoe manually. Therefore, installation and commissioning is simple, fast and running is much more reliably. Disc spring can absorb various impact loads efficiently. Its stability and impact resistance are better than traditional rigid support bearing. Effective bearing area of round thrust bearing shoe is larger than that of fan-shaped thrust bearing shoe. Each shoe is loaded uniformly to avoid heating and wear due to uneven loading. The thrust bearing shoe can adjust inclination angle automatically. This is a kind of pivoted shoe structure, with advantages of pivoted shoe.

According to working conditions and customer’s requirements, working surface of round thrust bearing shoe can be elastic plastic to improve wear resistance and lubrication performance of thrust bearing shoe and achieve starting without shaft lifting. According to the customer’s requirement, we can also provide vertical thrust sliding bearing with high pressure lifting system to achieve no wear when starting and stopping.

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