Plain bearings

Plain bearings

Plain bearings,radial bearings,journal bearings,slide bearings

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Plain bearings Details

    The bearing pad is made of split structure which contacts the core of Bearing housing with self-aligning function. The bearing tile is made of low carbon steel as 20# steel. Its surface coated with tin base Babbitt alloy (Domestic alloy ZSnSb11Cu6, imported alloy TEGO STAR738 which contains no lead); Its oil inlet edge was optimized design in order to ensure the safety, stability, reliability and durability of bearings.

     Bearing tile can be divided into 4 different types by the different axial thrust: type Q without thrust parts on two sides (no axial thrust load); type B plain thrust face with oil inlet slot on two sides (withstand small and temporal axial thrust load); type K with Fixed oil wedge thrust surface on two sides(withstand medium axial thrust load); type T with elastic circular thrust pads on two sides (withstand large axial thrust load). Elastic circular thrust pads has excellent damping characteristics and can absorb the axial impact load.The end cover bearings are able to replacement of Renk bearing,Zollern bearings,for example:EFZLB,EFZLQ,EZLB,ZMNLB,ZMNLQ,ZMZLB,ZMZLQ.

     To bearings used in working conditions characterized by large starting pressure (more than 1.5Mpa), frequent start or stop, long lasting stop, low starting power, low speed or frequent reverse rotation, it is recommended to adopt the bearing tile with high pressure oil lifting structure.

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