High speed motor journal bearings

High speed motor journal bearings

High speed motor bearings,tilting pad journal bearings ,radial bearings

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High speed motor journal bearings Details

     Higher speeds,loads and operating temperatures of modern machines are increasingly taking bearing design beyond the limits of whitemetal. Heat soak at standstill can also be a problem.

     We can offer the widest choice of bearing materials and specifications.The material of Copper chrome backed pads faced with whitemetal typically will reduce the pad surface temperature by 10°C at higher speeds.Steel backed pads faced with copper lead can operate at temperatures up to 40°C higher than whitemetal but require a hardened shaft surface.

     Centre pivoted pads are standard as they are preferred for bi-directional running,fool proof assembly and minimum spare stocks.At higher speeds (above 60m/s) offset pivots can offer some bearing surface temperature reductions and the dynamic characteristics (stiffness and damping) may also be preferable for some applications; all bearings can be supplied if required with offset pivot pads.

Normally one end of high speed motor bearing with insulaiton(PTFE Coating).

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