PTFE and PEEK bearings

PTFE and PEEK bearings

PTFE bearings,PEEK bearings,Polymer bearings

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PTFE and PEEK bearings Details

    HIGH-PERFORMANCE POLYMERS increase bearing capacity and reliability as direct replacements for babbitt components or in new designs for your most demanding applications.Surface properties and the mechanical strength of engineered polymers allow bearings to operate with thinner films than traditional babbitt bearing materials,providing high load capacity,up to 10 MPa (1500 psi),reduced power loss,up to 30% savings,operation with low-viscosity lubricants.
     Polymer materials have higher operating temperature capabilities–up to 250°C and retain their mechanical properties at higher temperatures than babbitt,allowing exceptional performance at elevated temperatures.
     Engineered polymers are resistant to most chemicals,including hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, preventing bearing damage associated with chemical attack by the working fluid.
     Polymers,in a similar way to babbitt,will embed dirt that enters the fluid film,preventing damage to the journal or collar.The high electrical resistance of polymers is utilized in motor and generator applications to prevent damaging currents from passing through the bearing and housing to ground.This characteristic eliminates the need for a separate insulating layer.
     Advanced materials are compatible with even the most challenging lubricants and process fluids,such as mineral/synthetic oils–VG5 to VG680,Water/seawater,Water-glycol,Freon,Toluene,Amine,Crude oil Hydrocarbon condensates,Methane,Propane,Butane,Hexane.

Our main polymer are PEEK bearings and PTFE bearings.

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