What are the causes and countermeasures for bearing damage (2)?



Damage reason measure
The so -called abrasion is the surface damage that occurs with rolling noodles and rolling facial merchants, with the summary of the tiny burn produced by rolling and the oil film thermal cracks. A rough surface with a sticky surface is generated. High -speed light load
Urgent deceleration
The lubricant is not appropriate.
Water invasion
Improve pre -pressure
Improve the bearing gap
Using good lubricants with good oil membrane
Improve lubrication method
Improve the sealing device


Damage reason measure
The so -called break refers to a small part of the partial part of the gear or corner of the roller or the corner of the roller. It was hit during installation.
Excessive load.
Poor declines are poor.
Improve the installation method (using hot installation, use appropriate tool clips).
Correct the load conditions.
The bearing installation is in place, so that the block is supported.


Damage reason measure
When biting small metal powder, foreign bodies, etc., the deresses generated on the roller surface or rotating surface.
Due to the impact of installation, the concave surface (the hardness indentation of the British) is formed on the spacing interval.
Forexes of metal powder, etc. bite.
During assembly or during transportation, the impact load is too large.
Shock shaft sleeve.
Improve the sealing device.
Filter lubricating oil.
Improve assembly and use methods.