What are the causes and countermeasures for bearing damage (3)?

Damage reason measure
The rolling wheels, rolling bodies, and kept heating in the rotation until it changes, softened, melted, and damaged. Poor lubrication.
Excessive load (pre -pressure).
The speed is too large.
Too small.
The invasion of water and foreign matter.
The accuracy of the shaft and bearing box is poor and the shaft is large.
Study the lubricant and lubrication method.
Correct the choice of bearings.
Study in cooperation, bearing gap and pre -pressure.
Improve the sealing device.
Check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing box.
Improve the installation method.

Rust, corrosion

Damage reason measure
The rust and corrosion of the bearings have rolling wheels, pit rusty, comprehensive rust and corrosion on the surface of the rolling body. Water, corrosive substances (paint, gas, etc.) invasion.
The lubricant is not appropriate.
There are water droplets due to the condensation of water vapor.
Stop when high temperature and humidity.
Poor rust and rust in transportation.
The storage state is not appropriate.
It is not appropriate to use.
Improve the sealing device.
Study the lubrication method.
Rust -proof measures when stopping.
Improve storage method.
Pay attention when using.