What are the causes and countermeasures for bearing damage (1)?

Rolling bearings, if you do n’t choose errors, you can use it correctly, before the bearing life, it can be used for a long time. In this case, the damage state is stripping. On the other hand, there are unexpected early injuries, and early damage that cannot be used,

As the cause of this early injury, there are insufficient considerations to use scare lubrication, and then there are foreign objects invading. The error of the bearing assembly and the deflection of the shaft is large, and the research on the shaft and bearing box is not enough. It can be said that these reasons are more overlapped. so,

To fully understand the machine used by the bearing and use conditions, the bearing outside is based on the structure. If you can figure out the condition before and after the accident, and the survey of the damage of the bearings and various reasons, you can prevent the similar accidents from re -again. occur.

Damage reason measure
When the bearings are re -loaded, the roller surface or rolling decentness of the inner ring and outer ring shows the phenomenon of fish -scale peeling due to rolling fatigue. Excessive load.
Poor installation (non -linear)
Torque load
Foreign objects invade and water.
Poor lubrication and inappropriate lubricant
The bearing gap is not appropriate.
The accuracy of the bearing box is not good, and the rigidity of the bearing box is uneven
Axial deflection
Rust, erosion points, abrasions and indentation
(Surface deformation) Development.
Check the size of the load and the bearing used by the Research Institute
Improve installation method
Improve the sealing device and prevent rust when stopping.
Use appropriate viscosity lubricants and improve lubrication methods.
Check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing box.
Check the gap.


Damage reason measure
The so -called card injury is the surface damage caused by the tiny burn summary of the part of the sliding facial injury.
Slider surface and rolling surface of line -like scars.
Roller end -noodle swing scars
Card injury near the shaft surface of the roller end.
Excessive load and over -pressure pre -pressure.
Poor lubrication.
The foreign body bite.
The tilt of the inner circle and the axis deflection.
Poor accuracy of shafts and bearing boxes.
Check the size of the load.
Pre -pressure should be appropriate.
Improve lubricants and lubrication methods.
Check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing box.