Do you know the importance of stainless steel bearing seals?


Nowadays, stainless steel bearings with sealed devices are relatively mature and widely used, mainly for axles and wheel bearings on railways, automobiles and other transportation vehicles. The structure of the sealing device of these stainless steel bearings is very diverse, and it has its own advantages for different applications. The sealing devices of stainless steel bearings are also widely used in other different occasions. For example, stainless steel bearings of sealed rolling mills are equipped with sealing devices on both sides of double and four-row bearings. Some of these sealing devices are used independently and can be pressed together with the stainless steel bearings. Positioning, easy to replace.

In addition to the requirements for grease injection, stainless steel bearings also have strict regulations on sealed packaging. In general, the seals of this type of stainless steel bearings have rubber seals with steel skeletons, and they are divided into inner and outer seals. In order to achieve the overall effect of sealing, a certain positional relationship must be achieved between the inner and outer seals.
In addition to requiring all relevant parts to be qualified, good assembly quality is also one of the keys to ensuring the reliable long-distance travel of the sealing device, so as to ensure that the stainless steel bearing can have a long life and be maintenance-free.