Do you know the cause of early bearing damage?


1. Improper installation (about 16%)
1. Use brute force during installation. Directly hitting the bearing with a hammer will cause the greatest damage to the bearing; it is the main cause of deformation.
2. The installation is not in place, the installation is deviated or not installed in the bearing position, resulting in the bearing clearance being too small. The inner and outer rings are not in the same center of rotation, resulting in misalignment.
Suggestion: Choose appropriate or professional bearing installation tools, and use special instruments to test after installation.

2. Poor lubrication (about 50%)
Poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing failure. The main reasons include: not adding lubricant or lubricating oil in time; lubricant or lubricating oil not filling in place; improper selection of lubricant or lubricating oil; incorrect lubrication method, etc.
Suggestion: choose the correct lubricant or lubricating oil, and use the correct lubrication and filling method.
3. Pollution (about 14%)
Contamination can also lead to premature bearing damage. Contamination means that dust, metal chips, etc. enter the inside of the bearing. The main reasons include: prematurely opening the bearing package before use, causing pollution; unclean working environment during installation, causing pollution; unclean working environment of the bearing and pollution of the working medium, etc.
Suggestion: It is best not to unpack the bearing before use; keep the installation environment clean during installation, clean the bearing to be used; strengthen the sealing device of the bearing.