Vertical thrust bearings

Vertical thrust bearings

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Vertical tilting pad thrust bearing

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Vertical thrust bearings Details

Vertical thrust sliding bearing is mainly used for vertical mounted pump or other rotary mechanical equipments.It can withstand axial force and radial force. It mainly consists of thrust bushing components (with disc spring and support parts), guiding tile, guiding tile seat, adjusting bolt for guiding tile, bearing plate (for thrust bushing support), oil-water cooler, housing, thrust head expansion sleeve, oil seal, inner and outer oil pots, etc. According to different operating conditions and load, different lubrication method can be used,for example:self lubrication or pressure oil lubrication. To self-lubricating bearing, there are two kind of cooling way: natural cooling or through water cooler that assembled inside of bearing housing. Lubrication oil goes between thrust head and inner oil pot through the groove on bearing plate with thrust head rotating, and then reaches working surface of thrust bushing and guiding shoe for lubrication and cooling. Then it goes out of oil outlet from guiding bearing support and outer oil pot, it is cooled by oil-water cooler and then goes for circulating lubrication.

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