Tilting pad bearing

Tilting pad bearing

Generation power:11MW
Rotor diameter:160mm
Rotor speed:6211rpm
Radial load:16000N
ENN 4MW  gas turbine Tilting pad bearing
Rotor diameter:95mm
Radial load:818N
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Tilting pad bearing Details

Tilting pad bearings stand out for their exceptional capacity to manage misalignment and thermal expansion, crucial attributes that enhance stability and diminish wear in rotating machinery. Misalignment, a common issue in industrial settings, occurs when the rotating shaft deviates from its intended position relative to the bearing. Traditional fixed bearings struggle to cope with misalignment, resulting in uneven loading and accelerated wear on contact surfaces. However, tilting pad bearings excel in this aspect due to their design, featuring individual pads supported on pivots that allow them to tilt in response to radial forces. This tilting action enables the bearing to adjust dynamically to shaft misalignment, distributing loads more evenly and mitigating the adverse effects of misalignment-induced wear.

About Us

Zhejiang BHS Journal Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional Tilting pad bearing Manufacturers and Tilting pad bearing factory, has been focusing on slide bearing’s design, manufacture, experiment and fault diagnosis for many years, BHS has become an excellent supplier of solutions for sliding bearing systems in China.

The company has more than 50sets of precision CNC machining center, Babbitt alloy casting equipment, Babbitt alloy sprayer, heat treatment, and other equipment. The annual production capacity of 26,000 sets of slide bearings. Through continuous technological research, the company has the ability to manufacture various types of slide bearings.

Our company approved by ISO:9001-2015, ISO:14001-2015, ISO:45001-20018, Standardization Safty production Certificate, National High-Tech Enterprise certificate, Provincial High-Tech Enterprise certificate, Military supplier certificate and variety of patents 30 kinds.

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