Generator bearing

Generator bearing

Bearing bore diameter range:350-810mm

Speed range:1500rpm-8600rpm


Gas-steam combined generator

Tiling pad bearing with oil jacking

Plain bearing with oil jacking

Maximum linear speed:120m/s

Average pressure:3.0Mpa

Pads base material:42CrMo or Cu-Cr

Spherical pivot,Self-alignment

Bearing clearance be adjustable

Babbitt (Tegostar 738) meets Europe REACH requirements

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Generator bearing Details

The generator bearing serves a pivotal role in mitigating friction within the generator system. Its primary function is to provide a smooth surface for the rotating components to move against, thereby minimizing the resistance encountered during operation. This reduction in friction is crucial for several reasons.

By diminishing frictional forces, the bearing helps to extend the lifespan of the generator. Excessive friction can lead to wear and tear on the moving parts, eventually causing mechanical failures and necessitating costly repairs or replacements. By maintaining smooth and efficient rotation, the bearing helps to mitigate such damage and prolong the operational life of the generator.

Moreover, the reduction in friction facilitated by the bearing contributes to enhanced energy efficiency. When friction is minimized, less energy is wasted in overcoming resistance during rotation. This translates to improved overall efficiency in energy generation, as more of the input energy can be effectively converted into electrical power rather than being lost to frictional heat.

About Us

Zhejiang BHS Journal Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional Generator bearing Manufacturers and Generator bearing factory, has been focusing on slide bearing’s design, manufacture, experiment and fault diagnosis for many years, BHS has become an excellent supplier of solutions for sliding bearing systems in China.

The company has more than 50sets of precision CNC machining center, Babbitt alloy casting equipment, Babbitt alloy sprayer, heat treatment, and other equipment. The annual production capacity of 26,000 sets of slide bearings. Through continuous technological research, the company has the ability to manufacture various types of slide bearings.

Our company approved by ISO:9001-2015, ISO:14001-2015, ISO:45001-20018, Standardization Safty production Certificate, National High-Tech Enterprise certificate, Provincial High-Tech Enterprise certificate, Military supplier certificate and variety of patents 30 kinds.

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