What should be paid attention to when manufacturing roller bearings


Needle roller bearings are one of the most precise part […]

Needle roller bearings are one of the most precise parts in machinery. Compared with other parts, needle roller bearings have many differences. Roller bearings are generally a rotating surface and are very short. They are usually processed by machine tools. Grinding, although the structure of parts such as needle roller bearings is very simple, the technical requirements for its production are still quite high. Generally, the following aspects should be paid attention to in the production of needle roller bearings:
1. Pay attention to the processing of needle rollers, mainly that the accuracy of needle roller bearings is generally high. Generally, we can only see some processing conditions in actual operation and the needs of the parts themselves, mainly due to the required geometric accuracy. Super finishing or grinding can meet the requirements.
2. General-purpose needle roller bearings need at least 20-40 kinds of processing procedures, and more than 70 production processes.
Of course, for the processing technology of needle roller bearings, fine processing is only a small part of the production. In addition to the above two points in the daily processing and production process, according to the particularity of needle roller bearings and some users Special requirements, pay attention to the production process, and the careful processing of the production technical workers.


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