What are the characteristics of the materials used in stainless steel bearings?


Stainless steel bearings are very strict in terms of material, process, and accuracy control. Therefore, stainless steel bearings have many characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, low noise, stable operation, etc. It is also quite extensive. So what are the requirements for the material of stainless steel bearings? Let's take a look together next.
1. Due to the consideration of the working environment conditions of the stainless steel bearing itself, it is required that the material used has a certain corrosion resistance, that is, corrosion resistance. For example, when lubricating it, the lubricating oil will gradually oxidize when it is used in the atmosphere, producing acidic substances, and most lubricating oils also contain extreme pressure additives, which will corrode the bearing material. Therefore, the bearing material needs to have resistance Erosive.
2. In the production process of stainless steel bearings, they need to keep running for a long time. According to the operating characteristics of stainless steel bearings, their materials must have certain wear resistance and excellent resistance to wear.
3. At the operating temperature, the strength, hardness, impact resistance and uniformity of the bearing material are important to combat fatigue. In order to meet the requirements of long-term operation, the material of the stainless steel bearing should also have excellent fatigue resistance, that is, the ability of the material to resist fatigue damage under cyclic loading.
4. In order to ensure production accuracy and stability of operation, the stainless steel bearing products must maintain good dimensional stability. For example, rolling bearings are precision mechanical parts, and their accuracy is calculated in microns. Therefore, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the bearing, the steel material used for the bearing should have good dimensional stability.