Types and causes of bearing damage


(1) Gluing: bearing overheating, excessive load, improp […]

(1) Gluing: bearing overheating, excessive load, improper operation or failure of temperature control system;
(2) Fatigue rupture: due to unbalanced vibration, shaft deflection and edge load, overload, etc., bearing babbitt alloy fatigue rupture;
(3) Napping: Because the lubricating oil brings large particles of dirt into the bearing gap and is embedded in the bearing bushing, when the bearing contacts the journal (or thrust plate), a hard scab will be formed, which will cause it during operation. Severely scratch the surface of the shaft;
(4) Wear and scratches: Because of impurities, foreign matter and dirt mixed in the lubricating oil. The overhaul method is improper, and the installation is not correct. Improper use and maintenance, and lax quality control;
(5) Cavitation: Due to the unreasonable bearing structure (unreasonable oil pollution on the bearing), the vibration of the shaft, the formation of steam bubbles in the oil film, the rupture of the steam bubbles, the partial surface of the bearing bush generates a vacuum, causing small pieces to peel off and cause cavitation damage;
(6) Electrical corrosion: due to poor insulation or poor grounding, or static electricity, a certain voltage is formed between the journal and the bearing bush, which penetrates the oil film between the journal and the bearing bush to generate electric sparks, and beat the bearing bush into hemp. pit.


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