Current Status and Progress of Research on the Performance of Needle Roller Bearings


For a long time, many scholars at home and abroad have […]

For a long time, many scholars at home and abroad have been paying attention to and committed to the research of bearing performance, and have achieved many results. Discuss the stability of the bearing system, and find that the bearing index method is used to study the variability of the speed fluctuation on the dynamic performance of the bearing; Louilsil!) Use the concepts of spectrum analysis, frequency response and phase trajectory to perform nonlinear analysis, and the effect of energy is considered to be a trace of speed. Changes will lead to major changes in the phase space, high-order Poincare mapping, and Lyapunov pull-state pairing: Jie Yunlong proposed a phase trajectory diagram method and Lyapunov exponent method for detecting early failures of bearings with Dfing hybrid vibrator; Jiang Wei 4 used The pseudo-dynamic theory analyzes the change state of the angular contact ball bearing's contact force, contact angle, and spin-to-roll ratio. It is believed that the performance parameters of the bearing show significant non-linear changes, and the dynamic characteristics of steel ball bearings and ceramic bearings are found. The parameters have different stability Wang Liqin151, Zhao Chunjiang16 and He Zhixian respectively studied the mechanical model of the interaction of bearing parts and the dynamic behavior of the bearing system; Xia Xintao et al. (-4. Dynamic analysis of bearing friction torque and vibration; Xu Zhidong !8]
The fluctuation characteristics of bearing friction torque under different axial load and temperature conditions are discussed; Douglas19] proposed a layered mechanism of rolling and sliding wear of a polyethylene material bearing to describe the biological activity of wear debris; Lin Guanyu [20] clarified the chlorine The lubrication mechanism of phenyl silicone oil-lubricated ball bearings, and the bearing friction torque behavior under different vacuum degrees and speeds are studied; Saad2"1 uses acoustic emission technology to explore the geometric size identification method of rolling bearing surface defects; Huang Dunxin [2] by dry friction The high-speed operation experiment found that the failure mechanism of the ceramic ball is mainly surface cracks and surface peeling. The raceway failure presents various forms such as fatigue cracks, pitting and plow marks; Abbasion [231 uses wavelet and support vector machine theory to recommend the bearing system The multi-fault diagnosis method; Yang Jiangxin [24] considered the influence of the load distribution, the composition of the fault shock pulse sequence, the position change of the damaged part and the environmental noise on the vibration characteristics under the operating conditions of the bearing, and established the local damage state of the inner ring. Vibration model; Antonil25] Harmonic analysis of bearing vibration signals, using statistical concepts such as spectral probability density and standard deviation probability density; Uedal261 proposed the concept of enhanced life and factor analysis to improve bearing life under contaminated lubrication conditions; Guo Lei [27] and Guol 28) carried out multi-scale analysis, wavelet support vector machine classification and chaos recognition on bearing defects; Jia Minping 1291 analyzed the cyclostationarity of bearing fault signals; Yu Jianglin [30) used acoustics and modern signals Analytical theory studies the non-contact multi-sensor acoustic diagnosis method to evaluate the early failure of the bearing; Wang Jiugen 3] uses group theory to divide the parameters affecting bearing noise into geometry, material, mechanics, kinematics, dynamics, tribology and acoustics. Characteristics and other parameter groups; Sujeet32] introduced a kind of miniature ball bearing used for relative movement of silicon surface to reduce the wear of micromachines and nanomachines, and discussed the influence factors of bearing life.
These studies have found that bearing performance has nonlinearity, variability [5-17], chaos 18; 331, diversity 18-22, and complexity of influencing factors 23-32). How to evaluate the performance of rolling bearing has become the bearing industry and Related industries urgently need to solve problems.

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