Trouble Shooting and Elimination Measures for Planar Thrust Ball Bearings



Replace the front plane thrust ball bearing and grease, adjust the bearing clearance, the axial clearance is 0.003mm, the radial clearance is ±0.002mm; self-made simple grinding tool, hand-grind the bearing inner cone positioning surface, and use the coloring method to check, Ensure that the contact area between the tool holder and the bearing centering taper hole is greater than 85%; replace the disc spring. Put the repaired bearing back into the bearing box, check the radial runout with a dial gauge, the proximal end is less than 0.006mm, and the distal end 150mm is less than 0.010mm. Trial machining, the bearing temperature rise and noise are normal, the machining accuracy meets the requirements of the machining process, and the fault is eliminated.

Improvement measures:

①Add compressed air fine filtration and drying device, the filter should be drained regularly, and the filter element should be cleaned or replaced regularly;

②Check the cleanliness and coordination of the flat thrust ball bearing taper hole and knife handle at any time, and check whether the air dryer is working properly;

③ Reasonably arrange the processing technology to avoid sudden changes in material removal rate;

④ Overload operation is strictly prohibited. If there is a fault, it should be reported for repair in time, and operation with a disease is not allowed.