Bearing maintenance method


Types of damage: Causes of damage and treatment methods
Glue bearings are overheated, overloaded, improper operation or temperature control system failure
1. If the bearing is found to be overheated during movement, it should be stopped and checked immediately. It is best to keep the rotor running at a low speed or continue to supply oil for a period of time until the bearing bushes cool down. Otherwise, the babbitt alloy on the bearing bush will stick to the journal due to gluing, which is troublesome to repair.
2. Prevent insufficient lubricating oil or impurities mixed in the oil, and improper installation of the rotor.
3. Bearings with lighter glued damage can be eliminated by scraping and repairing, and continue to be used.

Fatigue rupture due to unbalanced vibration, shaft deflection and edge load, overload, etc., cause the bearing babbitt alloy fatigue rupture. The quality of bearing maintenance and installation is not high
1. Improve installation quality and reduce bearing vibration.
2. Prevent partial load and overload.
3. Use suitable babbitt alloy and new bearing structure.
4. Strictly control bearing temperature rise.
The fuzzing is caused by the lubricating oil that brings large particles of dirt into the bearing gap and is embedded in the bearing bushing, so that when the bearing contacts the journal (or thrust plate), it will form a hard scab, which will be severely scratched during operation. On the surface of the shaft and the rough bearing, pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil circuit, especially during the maintenance, pay attention to clean the metal shavings or dirt.
Wear and scratches are caused by impurities, foreign matter and dirt mixed in the lubricating oil. Improper maintenance method and incorrect installation. Improper use and maintenance, and poor quality control.
1. Clean the journal, oil circuit, oil filter, and replace with clean lubricating oil that meets the quality requirements.
2. Equipped with repaired bushes or new bushes.
3. If the installation is found to be incorrect, it should be corrected in time.
4. Pay attention to the quality of maintenance.
Cavitation due to the unreasonable bearing structure (unreasonable oil pollution on the bearing), shaft vibration, the formation of steam bubbles in the oil film, the steam bubble ruptures, and the partial surface of the bearing bush generates vacuum, causing small pieces to peel off and cause cavitation damage
1. Increase the oil supply pressure.
2. Improve the shape of the oil groove and groove of the bearing bush, and modify the edge or shape of the groove to improve the shape of the oil film streamline.
3. Reduce bearing clearance and reduce shaft shaking.
4. Change to a more suitable bearing material.
Due to poor insulation or poor grounding, or static electricity, a certain voltage is formed between the journal and the bearing bush, which penetrates the oil film between the journal and the bearing bush to generate electric sparks, and the bearing bush is pitted 1. Check For the insulation of the machine, pay special attention to whether the wires of some protective devices (such as thermal resistance, thermocouple, etc.) are well insulated.
2. Check the grounding of the machine.
3. If the damage is not too serious after electro-erosion, the bearing bush can be scraped.
4. Check the journal. If there are electrical corrosion pits on the journal, the journal should be polished to remove the pits.