Installation steps and precautions for spherical bearings with seats


1. Before installing the bearing on the shaft, you must first remove the fixing pin of the bearing jacket, and at the same time, polish the surface of the journal to smooth and clean, and apply oil to prevent rust and lubrication at the journal (allow the bearing to rotate slightly on the shaft).

2. Lubricate the bearing seat and bearing mating surface and put the bearing in the bearing seat. Then put the assembled bearing on the shaft together with the bearing seat. Push to the required position for installation.

3. Do not tighten the bolts that fix the bearing seat first, and make the bearing jacket rotate in the bearing seat. At the same time, install the bearing and seat on the other end of the same shaft, rotate the shaft a few times, and let the bearing automatically position itself. Then tighten the bearing seat bolts.

4. Install eccentric sleeve. First put the eccentric sleeve on the eccentric step of the bearing inner sleeve, and tighten by hand in the direction of shaft rotation. Then insert a small iron rod or press against the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve. Tap the small iron rod with the hammer in the rotation direction of the shaft. Make the eccentric sleeve installed firmly, and finally tighten the hex socket screw on the eccentric sleeve.