Foot mounted journal bearing
Foot mounted journal bearing

Foot mounted journal bearing

Horizontal foot mounted journal bearings uses for AC,DC motors,steel rolling mill,blowers ,generators.

Foot mounted journal bearing Details

Horizontal slide bearings adopt optimized and modular design in compliance with DIN and JB/T. These bearings with high universality and interchangeability have a wide range of applications and are easy to be installed. Less spare parts and stock are needed. The product has a lot of benefits with its compact structure, proper design, high reliability, low noise & vibration, maintenance-friendly etc.
Z and ZQ,ZS horizontal sliding bearings adopt foot mounted structure. They are installed on the complete shaft of equipment. It is designed with reference to DIN31693 and JB/T5888-2000. Bearing seat and bearing pad are mated with bi-spherical structure which provides excellent supporting rigidity to bearing pad and has self-aligning function.

The slide bearing pad is made of split structure which contacts the core of bearing support and has self-aligning function. The bearing shoe is made of low carbon steel like 20# steel. Its surface is coated with tin base babbit alloy (domestic alloy ZSnSb11Cu6, imported alloy TEGO STAR738 which contains no lead); the brink of oil inlet of bearing shoe is optimized with special design to ensure the safety, reliability and durability of bearings.

The bearing support is generally made of high quality spherical graphite cast iron (QT450). With high structural strength and excellent radiation effect, they can be applied to various heavy-duty working conditions. The surface of bearing support is equipped with reinforcement of fin structure to increase the radiation area and improve radiation effect.
The bore of bearing support is made of spherical structure which could achieve the self-aligning function. Oil inlet, oil outlet, oil level sight window, thermometer hole of radial bearing, thermometer hole of oil base etc. are arranged on the two sides of the bearing support. The oil ring access window and oil drain port etc. are available upon users request. For special design, oil cooling interface and vibration measurement unit interface etc. are available on the two sides of bearing support.

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