Two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings


Product description
The characteristic of the two-way thrust angular contact ball bearing is that it can bear the combined load of radial and axial loads at the same time, and limit the axial displacement of the shaft on both sides. It is composed of outer ring, inner ring, steel ball and cage, which can work stably at high speed. When installing, it should be noted that although the bearing can bear bidirectional axial load, if there is a gap for ball loading on one side, care should be taken not to let the main axial load pass through the groove on the side with the gap.

The difference
The difference between radial thrust ball bearings and thrust angular contact ball bearings
The use of radial thrust ball bearings and thrust ball bearings cannot bear radial force, while angular contact ball bearings can bear radial force and axial force at the same time.
Thrust ball bearings have a much greater ability to withstand axial forces (about twice as much) than angular contact ball bearings.
The bearing accuracy of the thrust angular contact ball is much higher than that of the thrust ball bearing, and the bearing speed is also much higher, so it can be used as a spindle bearing.

Common models
2344**BM, 2347**BM