The packing of the bearing?


Bearing packaging is divided into inner packaging and o […]

Bearing packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging
After the bearing is manufactured and passed the inspection, it will be cleaned and anti-rust treated, and then put into the inner packaging to achieve the purpose of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, maintain the quality and accuracy of the bearing, and facilitate the use and sale. .
The inner packaging of the bearing is divided into three categories according to the anti-rust period:
①Short anti-rust period packaging: 3-6 months anti-rust period, suitable for bearings that are shipped to the same subscriber in large quantities and put into use in a short period of time. The two parties have agreed to use simple packaging based on the principle of ease of use.
②Packaging for general anti-rust period: one year of anti-rust period, suitable for general-purpose bearings.
③Long anti-rust period packaging: two years anti-rust period, suitable for special and precision bearings.
The inner packaging materials of the bearing include polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain and wrinkled polyethylene composite paper, paper box, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening tape or plastic woven fastening tape, waterproof high-strength plastic tape , Burlap bags, etc. All of the above materials need to ensure that the corrosion resistance test of the material is qualified.

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