The importance of bearings to machine tools


The bearing has an irreplaceable effect on the movement […]

The bearing has an irreplaceable effect on the movement of the machine tool, because it has a rolling effect in it, so that the spindle has a lot of room for development. The high speed of machinery and the requirement of high-deceleration make the load of needle roller bearings increase unfixedly.
In order to ensure the requirements of high-speed operation, generally speaking, general needle roller bearings can be selected. However, the selection of high-precision ZSHST needle roller bearing bars will cause the problem of lack of load capacity and lack of rigidity. The developed Hyster bearing has the characteristics of high speed, noiseless, low noise, and vibration resistance. This makes needle roller bearings a unique choice for mechanical spindles. Therefore, needle roller bearings on the other hand also reduce the load force of mechanical rolling. Everyone knows that excessive vibration fluctuations of mechanical rolling will greatly reduce the life of the mechanical spindle. Therefore, it is useful to control the vibration fluctuations of the machine. Machinery is a great help, and high-precision needle roller bearings play a very important role here.
In order to satisfy the high requirements of the industrialization process on the machinery industry, Hyster bearings are increasingly choosing high-precision lathes, grinders, including raw materials, etc., which increases the traditional rapid advance and retreat speed of several hundred revolutions per minute to ten times Even dozens of times. It is also a big improvement in efficiency. The selection of high-precision needle roller bearings improves mechanical productivity, life span, and continuous operation.
It means to kill two birds with one stone. From the smoothness, roundness, and appearance of the touch, the cracks where cracks occurred at a certain depth where the appearance was initially exposed, and the angle along the surface direction, to a certain depth, from behind the appearance of the touch surface, and beyond the appearance, and finally formed Corrosion peeling, whether it is from the appearance or the cracks in the surface layer, these two guidelines (parts carburizing, quenching and other surface heat treatment, afterwards, if there is uneven hardness, arrangement, and non-uniform internal stress and other unfavorable effects) , The touch stress is generally affected by the occurrence of the opposite underground cracks. If the appearance of the parts is poor, there is a defect (oxidation, decarburization), conflict or poor smoothness, cracks from the appearance, as the machinery industry continues to develop high quality It is the policy that manufacturers continue to pursue to improve the quality, performance and reliability of the company. Hyster Bearings also strictly requires itself, ZSHST bearings, high precision and stable quality, which have become the primary direction of future development.

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