PTFE/PEEK bearing introduce


Elastic metal-plastic composite material (hereinafter r […]

Elastic metal-plastic composite material (hereinafter referred to as PTFE) is made of metal wire as elastic cushion and rein-forcementmodified polytetrafluoroethylene by molding,sintering,plasticization,which format oflow friction, high wear resistance composite bearing,Brazing of steel pad with different workmanship created polymer  bearing(PTFE ).

1.Products do not contain harmful elements such as lead, meet environmental requirements

2.Low friction performance reduces the running loss than Babbittbearing and improves the efficiency of the unit.

3.It has outstanding abrasion resistance, high reliability and long service life.

4.The product is suitable for lubricating conditions of thin oil , grease, water and oil -water mixture

5.The bearing load capacity is higher 20% than that of the babbitt alloy.

6.Oil jacking system isn ’ t needed, which simplifies the equipment and operation procedures and improves safety.

7.With self-adjusting performance, it can effectively improve the contact pr essure of the tile surface and the stress condition between the tiles .

8.It has anti occlusive performance, avoid adhesive wear and eff ectively protect the worn parts

9.Installation and maintenance do not need to scrape the tile surface, shorten installation and maintenance period, etc.

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