How to extend bearing performance?


1. To improve bearing performance, reasonable adjustmen […]

1. To improve bearing performance, reasonable adjustment is very important.
During assembly or installation, if the internal clearance of the bearing is too large or too small, or in some cases, the preload is too high, which may cause early damage and shorten the bearing life. In addition to causing downtime and expensive maintenance, improper bearing assembly and installation may also have more negative effects, such as affecting the operation of other parts and shortening their service life.
2. According to the equipment manufacturer's manual, assembly, installation and regular maintenance are the best way to prevent problems.
If time is tight, the adjustment device can be pushed forward or the gasket can be removed to correct the too loose tapered rolling bearing set. On the other hand, if the bearing is adjusted too tightly, it may cause overheating and damage, and the bearing must be replaced. The process of assembling and installing the bearing must be accurate and repeatable, and it can be verified after installation. In addition, other component parameters must be considered to optimize system performance.
3. Use the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the bearing standards, set appropriate predictive maintenance items such as monitoring of lubricating oil or grease, which should include the root cause analysis of the failure.
In this way, even the problematic equipment, its uptime can be greatly extended.
Correct lubrication and maintenance are very important, and correct installation and use are indispensable, and then make full use of existing condition monitoring equipment to escort. Failure to follow the installation and maintenance requirements will cause equipment failure and constitute a major safety hazard.


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