How to deal with the overheating problem of stainless steel bearings?


Method of exclusion:
1. Scrape and grind the bearing bush with the coloring method to make the contact surface meet the requirements and improve the specific pressure per unit area;
2. Properly adjust the matching clearance, check the bending and twisting of the crankshaft, and replace the crankshaft or repair it according to the situation;
3. Use the bearing bush that meets the quality, check the oil pipeline and the gear oil pump, use the lubricating oil that meets the quality requirements, and check and adjust the oil pump to make the pressure meet the requirements;
4. Clean and replace the new oil, adjust the oil pressure;
5. Replace the new bearing;
6. The concentricity of the two machines should be positive, and the leveling tolerance value should conform to the value specified in the machine manual. Especially when the compressor and the motor are connected with a rigid connection, more attention should be paid to alignment.