How to choose bearing grease?


(1) When the bearing load is large and the speed is low […]

(1) When the bearing load is large and the speed is low, the grease with a small penetration degree should be selected, otherwise, the grease with a large penetration degree should be selected. For high-speed bearings, use grease with a smaller cone penetration and good mechanical stability. Special attention should be paid to the lower viscosity of the base oil of the grease.
(2) The dropping point of the selected grease is generally higher than the operating temperature by 20-30℃. In the case of continuous operation at high temperatures, be careful not to exceed the allowable use temperature range of the grease.
(3) When the sliding bearing is working in a water-drenched or humid environment, a calcium-based, aluminum-based or lithium-based grease with good water resistance should be selected.
(4) Choose grease with good adhesion.

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