Spherical roller bearings basic definition and structure, you get it?


Spherical roller bearings are two in the inner raceway and raceway for the spherical outer ring, assembled with drum-shaped roller bearings. Spherical roller bearings with two rows of rollers, the main radial load, but also can withstand any direction of the axial load. Has a high radial load capacity, especially for heavy duty or vibration load, but can not afford pure axial load. This type of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical, so the aligning performance is good, to compensate for coaxial error.

There are two symmetrical spherical roller, the outer ring has a common spherical roller, the inner ring with two inclined bearing axis of the raceway, with good self-aligning performance, bending or installation of the shaft when the force is not the heart When the bearing can still be used normally, self-aligning with the bearing size series vary, generally allow the adjustment angle of 1 to 2.5 degrees, the type of bearing load capacity, in addition to bear radial load outside the bearing can withstand Bidirectional axial load, with good impact resistance, in general, spherical roller bearings allow the work of low speed.