Babbitt alloy has a history of more than 200 years. It is a kind of low temperature (240℃) anti-wear material. It is widely used in heavy-duty and high-speed rotating machinery. Such as turbomachinery, generator, motor, high pressure pump, rolling mill, blower, high speed gearbox, compressor .etc. At present, Babbitt alloy bearing shells in domestic and abroad are made by gravity casting or centrifugal casting. However, the casting process can not avoid aliquation caused by the density of Babbitt alloy elements, which is the root cause of bearing shell cracking and shelling.

The Babbitt alloy is mainly Tin based .The commonly used model is ZChSnSb11-6, in which the percentage of Tin is 83%, Antimony is 10.7%, Copper is 6%, and others.Babbitt alloy is soft alloy, with hardness of HB27. The hard points formed by Sn and Sb in the alloy ,which be evenly distributed on the bearing surface (to support the load), the hard points are separated by Cu. If different elements have delamination, it is called aliquation. Once the bearing shell has aliquation, it will damage the oil film and cause the bearing burning.

In order to effectively solve the problem of bearing shell aliquation, our company, after several years of research, adopted high-speed plasma spraying technology, carried out thousands of repeated testing, and finally developed successfully, which better solved the problems of Babbitt alloy bearing shell aliquation and bonding strength. The service life and anti vibration performance of spraying bearing are better than that of traditional casting. Spraying Babbitt alloy bearing is better for high temperature machine,such as gas turbines.

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