Vertical mounted slide bearing
Vertical mounted slide bearing

Vertical mounted slide bearing

Vertical flange mounted slide bearing uses for vertical motors ,vertical pumps.etc.

Product Details

DQB flange mounted slide bearing suitable for AC electric motor, generator, blower, compressor etc. the flange mouned horizontal bearings are improved, optimized and extended on the basis of the original level.
The company’s flange mounted horizontal slide bearings adopt optimized and modular design in compliance with DIN and JB/T. These bearings with high universality and interchangeability have a wide range of applications and are easy to be installed. Less spare parts and stock are needed. The product has a lot of benefits with its compact structure, proper design, high reliability, low noise & vibration, maintenance-friendly etc.
DQB end cover sliding bearings adopt side flange mounted structure. They are installed on the complete spherical end cover of equipment and fixed with male half coupling and fixing pin. It is designed with reference to DIN31693 and JB/T5888-2000. Bearing seat and bearing pad are mated with bi-spherical structure which provides excellent supporting rigidity to bearing pad and has self-aligning function.
The bearing shoe is made of split structure which contacts the core of bearing support and has self-aligning function. The bearing shoe is made of low carbon steel like 20# steel. Its surface is coated with tin base babbit alloy (domestic alloy ZSnSb11Cu6, imported alloy TEGO STAR738 which contains no lead); the brink of oil inlet of bearing shoe is optimized with special design to ensure the safety, reliability and durability of bearings.

Bearing shoe can be divided into 4 different types by the different axial thrust: bearing shoe type Q without thrust parts (no axial thrust); bearing shoe type B with plain sliding surfaces (bearing small and temporal axial thrust); bearing shoe type K with fixed oil wedge thrust surface (bearing medium axial thrust); bearing shoe type T with elastically supported circular thrust pads (bearing large axial thrust). The elastically supported circular thrust pad has excellent damping characteristic and can absorb the axial impact load.

For bearings used in working conditions characterized by large starting ratio pressure, frequent start or stop, long lasting stop, low starting power, low speed or frequent reverse rotation, it is recommended to adopt the bearing shoe with high pressure oil lifter.