What to pay attention to when using stainless steel linear bearings


Before we use stainless steel linear bearings, it is necessary to understand the problems related to disassembly. If the linear motion bearing series is disassembled, it will easily lead to foreign matter entering, and it may affect the assembly accuracy, thus causing adverse effects, so please do not disassemble it yourself. . If the linear bushing is dropped or knocked, it may cause damage. If it is hit by an external force, it may cause loss of function even if the appearance is not damaged. Please pay attention to this.

We must be cautious when wiping the anti-rust oil to the stainless steel linear bearing. Please wipe the anti-rust oil carefully and seal the lubricant before use. Therefore, avoid mixing some lubricants with different properties. When used in a place where vibration is frequently generated, in a clean room, vacuum, low temperature, or high temperature, the usual lubricant may not be used.

If you accidentally let foreign matter enter the stainless steel linear bearing, this may cause damage to the steel ball circulation parts and loss of function, so it is necessary to prevent some dust and other foreign matter from entering the system to avoid damage.