1.Services for Journal bearing calculation and design

BHS bearings has advanced design softwares and tools that can provide professional design and analysis to verious type of Journal Bearing | Tilting pad Bearing | Plain Bearing,thrust bearing,tilting pad journal bearing as per customer requirements. To special design products, customers just provide working parameters and interface sizes,we are able to provide complete calculation, design and drawing,which can save a lot of cost and time for customers;.We have undertook a lot of domestics and overseas big projects for researching and development of slide bearings,which made us accumulated rich experiences and technology as well as further enhance the company’s development of high-speed bearings, heavy-duty bearings, nuclear power plant ,main pump bearing design and manufacturing capabilities.In order to seek optimization,more reasonable,saft,economic solution for customer existing products,We can provide standardization design ,that can save warehouse and time when customers make stocking and backup spare parts.

2.Services for transmission system fault diagnosis.

BHS bearings has American Bentley spectrum tester and SKF spectrum analyzer .We can provide diagnosis to too high vibration and temperature rise of main equipments ,rotor dynamics analysis and calculation for whole unit,transsmission vibration analysis and solution of machinery. Company has slide bearing test plateform:bus alloy surface friction and wear test, bearing seal leakage test and speed test.etc.

3.Services for Tilting pad bearings repair:

BHS bearings can provide comprehensive analysis and repair for common Journal bearing,journal radial bearing wear,pad burnt,alloy off failure.etc.Especially for imported slide bearing’s restoration and reconstruction.

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