With the rapid development of modern technology, the limit speed of compressor, expander, centrifugal pump, gearbox and other rotating machinery has been further improved, while theconventional cylindrical radial bearing induced oil film eddy or oil oscillation and other bearing/rotor instability problem are becoming increasingly prominent. For most high-speed rotating machinery, the multi-leaf bearing is the most economical and effective solution to solve the problem of oil film stability. However, in all types of plain bearings, tilting-pad bearings provide desirable dynamic characteristics such as stiffness and damping to ensure the stability of rotating machinery rotor systems. Therefore, it is widely used in high-speed rotating machinery with light and medium loads, such asturbines, turbocompressors, pumps, and high-speed gear boxes.

Our company is specialized in supplying and maintaining a variety types of sliding bearing and bearing bushes, which are widely used in high-speed pump, compressor, turbine, high-speed gear box, aerator, etc.

Bhsbearings have advanced sliding bearing testing and inspection platform to test a variety of parameter of sliding bearings. Horizontal bearing test stand can simulate the sealing performance of different bearing seals in negative pressure and tilt swing state. Babbitt surface friction and wear tester.

The company now have three sets of imported design softwares, professionally design and analysis different types of bearings. For customers who need specially designed products, only by providing us working parameter and interface size, can we complete the calculation, design, and drawing, so as to save customer’s design cost. We can also optimize customer’s existing products, seeking more reasonable, safe, and economical solution.

The accuracy of our processing machine tools reaches grade 5 (highest accuracy: 0.006),which can be use to machining high precision bearings like tilting-pad bearing, dislocation tile bearing, multioil leaf bearing, and multioil gapbearing. Our bearing alloys are purchased form Yunan Tin Co., Ltd., which are provided with complete reports of chemical composition and mechanical properties.If the bearing alloy has special requirements, we can also purchase imported alloys.

The company also have specialized annealing equipment and chamber electric furnace, which can automatically record the annealing temperature curve. This process is directly monitored by the quality control department, so we can trace the de-hydrogen annealing temperature curve records of our bearing pads.

The company have professional shot blasting equipment and car-type shot blasting throwing machine, which can ensure that the roughness of shot blasting surface keeps within 40-75µm, and reach the Sa2.5 / SSPC-SP10 surface treatment standards.

Our company have domestic leading bearing alloy casting technology. The professional automatic centrifugal casting equipment, according to the diameter and thickness of the pad, can adjust revolving speed, cooling water consumption, and cooling time, and cast bearing with the inner diameter up to 1.2m. The ultrasonic flaw detection of conventional bearings is in line with ISO4386-1 standards. The dye-penetrant inspection is in line with ISO4386-3 Grade A requirements. These detectors all have second level certificates for PT, UT flaw detection.