Waukesha bearing ,Renk bearing
Waukesha bearing ,Renk bearing

Waukesha bearing ,Renk bearing

 BHS is the agent of WAUKESHA bearing in South of China.Agent main bearing including radial slide(journal) bearings,axial thrust tilting pad slide bearings,Polymer bearings and ceramic bearings,and its parts ,seals.BHS also can provide Renk bearings.

Waukesha bearing ,Renk bearing Details

WAUKESHA bearing company is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance turbine mechanical slide bearings, main products cover oil and natural gas, power, marine and industrial markets in the dynamic pressure bearing and magnetic bearing system. Typical applications including gas, steam and hydraulic turbines, centrifugal gas compressors, generators, gearboxes, pumps and motors.

WAUKESHA bearing company was founded in 1946, has 70 years of vertical. Shanghai BHS slide bearing Co.,LTD is the agent of the South china.

Waukesha bearing company combined professional bearing design experience and advanced materials, which foundation for some highest performance products.

  • high temperature resistance - polymer materials can withstand up to 480° F (250°C) temperature / porcelain is as high as 750°F (400° C)

Operate under thinner fluid film.

  • can be lubricated with a range of other media fluids such as water, toluene, refrigerants and Liquid Oxygen
  • high abrasion resistant carbide silicon can be used for sand prevention
  • resistance to corrosion in other media fluids (including H2S)

Electrical insulation is used to avoid current damaging

  • There are a variety of bearing materials, including polymer lining, solid polymer or ceramic materials

Waukesha Bearings advanced materials extend the range of oil, water and other media applications in the world.

Oil lubrication applications include marine pump equipment, gas turbines and electric submersible pumps.

Water and other media lubrication applications include a series of pumps, water filled motors, water lubricated compressors, ORC turbines, water pumps and subsea pump equipment.


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