Slide bearing for compressors
Slide bearing for compressors

Slide bearing for compressors

This kind of slide bearing mostly used for all kinds of pumps.

Product Details

With the rapid development of modern technology, the compressor, expander,centrifugal pump,gearbox and other rotating machinery are further improved to limit speed. Meanwhile ,the conventional cylindrical radial sliding bearing induced oil film whirl dynamic or oil film oscillation bearing rotor dynamics lost stability problems have becoming increasingly.For most of high-speed rotating machinery, leaf oil bearing (see fixed - line oil Yewa catalogue) is the most economical and can effectively solve the problem of oil film stability of high-quality products. However, in all sliding bearing types, tilting pad bearings can provide ideal dynamic characteristics such as stiffness and damping, in order to ensure the stability of the rotor system of the rotating machinery. So it is widely used in light and medium load high-speed rotating machinery such as steam turbines, compressors, pumps and high speed gearbox etc.
The tilting pad journal bearing developed by BHS has been widely used in various types of high speed rotating machinery. BHS has introduced advanced professional production line, high precision special fixtures and new testing equipments, which effectively guarantee the accuracy of product sizes and shape tolerance, which makes it has stable and reliable bearing dynamic and static characteristics.
The tilting pad bearings made by the bearing body, pad, seal end plate, the main specifications of standard products are as follows:
Tilting pad journal bearing -5, -4 tile structure, which is applicable to the rotor diameter of 30-800mm;