High Speed Slide Bearings Manufacturers

High Speed Slide Bearings Shanghai Bhs Slide Bearing Co.,Ltd is a leading High Speed Slide Bearings manufacturers and High Speed Slide Bearings Suppliers in China,Our company has a complete High Speed Slide Bearings research and development system.Our products have been exporting to India, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Brazil, the Czech Republic and other countries.

  • This kind of slide bearing mostly used for all kinds of pumps.

  • Compact self-balance tilting pad thrust sliding bearing,which be used for gas turbines,water turbines,and all kind of turbines.

  • Non self-balance tilting pad thrust slide bearing be used for Middle,high speed and middle,heavy load machines,such as compressors,gearboxes,turbines and pumps,centrifugal machine .etc.

  • Fixed line oil leaf bearing mainly used for machines of linear speed from 5m/s to 90m/s.