What characteristics of the bearing need to be repaired


What characteristics of the radial journal bearing need to be reported for repair, and it is better to whirl the bearings to what condition they have been repaired, and to distinguish them from the damage rules and characteristics of imported bearings. The damage of the small and medium-sized bearings that use the most is usually based on the fatigue and excessive wear of the ferrule or roll body. When the bearing tumbling into the third period of appearance, or has pitting corrosion and fall off, the imported bearing will quickly tend to fail, at the moment the damage of the raceway surface is very serious, the repair is very difficult, or the repair value has been lost.
Before the above period of the bearing, the wear is more subtle, and the fatigue may only occur within a depth of several micrometers to tens of micrometers below the outer surface of the roll surface. Therefore, the bearing is repaired at this moment and can be obtained with a very small value. Repair effect. In general, the repair period of the tumbling bearing has been fully utilized when the bearing has been operated for a suitable length of time, and it is most appropriate to enter the repair before the damage appears.
Using a ferrite spectrometer or SPM or I-ID-1 bearing operating condition monitoring equipment to determine the bearing operating conditions and determine when the bearing should be reported for repair, this is the most convenient and reliable method. Using such instruments, can It is safe and economical to make full use of the potential of bearing operations, repair bearings in time, and prevent malfunctions. In the absence of the above instruments, operators can hold round bars or wrenches and other things in the area of the machine's outer shell that is closest to the imported bearings. The ear will be ashamed of things and listen to the imported bearing's working sound from the things. Of course, the medical stethoscope is used to modify the device. Can also.
What characteristics of the bearing need to be reported for repair, the normal working sound of the imported bearing should be uniform, smooth and not sharp sound, and the abnormal sound of the bearing bearing has a number of intermittent, impact or sharp sounds. First of all to be accustomed to The normal bearing working sound can then be used to determine the abnormal working sound of the bearing, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, it can be further divided into what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of bearing abnormal phenomenon. There are many types of abnormal sounding of bearings, and it is difficult to express them, mainly by experiencing accumulation.