What are the needs for bearing steels used in bearings?


1, good dimensional stability
Rolling bearings are precision mechanical parts whose accuracy is in micrometers. In the course of long-term storage and use, changes in the internal dimensions of the bearing or changes in the stress cause changes in the bearing size, resulting in loss of accuracy of the bearing. Therefore, to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the bearing, bearing steel should have good dimensional stability.
2, good rust resistance
Rolling bearings have a large number of production processes and have a long production cycle. Some semi-finished or finished parts require a longer period of time before they are assembled. Therefore, bearing parts are prone to certain corrosion during production or during storage of finished products. It is in the humid air. Therefore, the bearing steel is required to have good anti-rust performance.
3, good process performance
In the production process of rolling bearings, the parts go through multiple cold and hot processing steps. This requires the bearing steel should have good process performance, such as cold, thermoforming performance, cutting, grinding process performance and heat treatment performance, etc., to meet the needs of high-volume, high-efficiency, low-cost and high-quality production of rolling bearings.
In addition, for the bearings used under special working conditions, in addition to the above-mentioned several basic requirements, the corresponding special performance requirements must also be put forward for its steel, such as high-temperature performance, high-speed performance, corrosion resistance, and anti-magnetic properties.