What are the main features of stainless steel bearings?


1. High temperature resistance
Many people do not believe that stainless steel bearings are so funny that an item can withstand the high temperature of burning. But the most obvious feature is that it is resistant to high temperatures. Generally, the temperature range of ordinary bearing products is -40/200 °C, and the temperature range of special stainless steel bearings can even reach -60/300 °C. Therefore, in hot weather, this material can also play its own role. This is a big help for many areas, so stainless steel bearings are more widely used than other materials.
2.environmental protection
Stainless steel bearings are free of any toxins and odors. They are highly environmentally friendly, and their strength and precision are very high. They can be seen in some fields of medical experiments. Its life span is longer than that of general bearing products, and its service life has been well received by many people. It is resistant to oil and chemical corrosion and has strong application properties.