What are the factors to consider in the bearing?


Non-neutral compensation

When the neutrality occurs on the machined journal fit surface or the bearing seat mating surface, especially the mating surface is not machined in one setup. Misalignment can also occur when using the housing (eg flanged housing or vertical housing). Misalignment also occurs when the inner and outer rings of the bearing are tilted due to the bending of the shaft caused by the working load.

Self-aligning bearings compensate for misalignment and tilting, such as self-aligning ball bearings, pen-shaped roller bearings, centripetal and thrust spherical roller bearings. These bearings have a concave spherical outer ring raceway in which the rolling and inner rings can rotate. The ability of these bearings to compensate for the center deflection angle of the shaft depends on their type, size and load condition.

Both the outer spherical bearing and the thrust ball bearing with race have a spherical bearing surface: the deflection angle can be adjusted when mounted in a concave spherical race.

Rotating speed

The Tilting pad journal bearing has a particularly low friction so that the maximum speed can be reached. These bearings have deep groove ball bearings that can only withstand radial loads and angular contact ball bearings that can withstand combined loads.

Improve the dimensional accuracy of the bearing, the accuracy of the rotation and the accuracy of the mating part. The lubrication cooling method used, the special type of cage can be used to increase the allowable speed of the bearing.

Low noise operation

It is generally required to operate noise in small motors, office equipment, and household appliances.