What are the advantages of ceramic bearings?


First of all, we must know that the advantages of ceramic bearings compared with other bearings are actually very large, because the technical requirements of ceramic bearings in the development process are very high, and it will bring more than other bearings after development. the benefits of. In the process of using it, there is no need to worry about whether it is fragile. Everyone will have doubts about the fragility of ceramic bearings, because there is not enough understanding of this bearing. This bearing has a small centrifugal force during use, which greatly reduces the external pressure on this part, and in this unique aspect to release the pressure, which is not achieved by rigid bearings. Although the compressive capacity of rigid bearings is relatively strong, if the pressure is not better dispersed, deformation will occur when some machines with stronger pressure are encountered.

Moreover, the ceramic bearing we know is not the simplest ceramic structure. It is mainly a special ceramic type structure, which can have stronger pressure resistance during use, and also has some Other advantages. In fact, it is simply that ceramic bearings are different from other ceramic products. Suitable for some high-tech machines, it can fully demonstrate the advantages of ceramic bearings.