Two Kinds of Material of the Sliding Bearing


The sliding bearing is a bearing that operates under sliding friction. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliable, no noise. Sliding bearings are generally used in low-speed, heavy-duty conditions, or where they are difficult to maintain and refill.

Sliding bearing work is the occurrence of sliding friction; rolling friction depends mainly on the size of the manufacturing accuracy, and sliding bearing friction depends mainly on the size of the bearing sliding surface material. Plain bearings are generally self-lubricating work surface, sliding bearings in accordance with the material is divided into non-metallic sliding bearings and metal bearings.

Non-metallic sliding bearings are mainly plastic bearings, plastic bearings are generally made of better performance of engineering plastics, more professional manufacturers are generally with engineering plastics self-lubricating modified technology, through the fiber, special lubricants, glass beads And so on to the engineering plastics self-lubricating enhanced modification to achieve a certain performance, and then modified plastic through injection molding into self-lubricating plastic bearings.

Metal sliding bearings are currently used is the most three-layer composite bearings, these bearings are generally carbon steel plate for the substrate, through the sintering technology in the steel first sintered a layer of spherical copper powder, and then sintered on the copper layer layer of PTFE Lubricant. One of the middle layer of spherical copper powder is the main role is to enhance the bonding strength between steel and PTFE, of course, at work also play a certain bearing and lubrication.

Domestic wear for the sliding bearing is generally used in welding, bracing, playing pitting and other methods, but when the shaft material for the 45 steel, if only the use of surfacing treatment, will produce welding stress, heavy load Or high-speed operation, there may be cracks and even cracks in the shoulder phenomenon, if the use of stress relief annealing, it is difficult to operate, and the processing cycle is long, high maintenance costs.

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