Tips for Sliding Bearing Maintenance


As we know, the accurate maintenance of sliding bearing is very important for the normal operation of highway machinery. If the maintenance of the sliding bearing is satisfactory, the service life can be prolonged. In the contrary, if the maintenance is not good, the service life will be seriously shortened, even serious accidents will happen. Common problems and their corresponding solutions are as follows:

1. The sliding bearings are too hot. If the lubricant is not enough, the maintainer shall remember to add oil and to check the oil circuit. In addition, the bearings should be cleaned immediately, and the oil must be replaced with clean oil. The shaft neck may not be straight if the equipment is not in good condition. For this problem, it is suggested that the gasket be placed under the bearing base.

2. The axle is too hot. If the rubber seal ring is too tight, the cover shall be closed after adjusting the filling material. If there is friction between the shaft and the bearing cap, the gap between them shall be adjusted as soon as possible. In general, the width of the gap ranges from 0.25 to 0.3mm.

3. Oil on the surface. If the tubing is blocked or the oil tank is too shallow, the pipe should be cleaned and the tank further deepened. In addition, if the oil temperature is too low and the flow is too weak, it is recommended to replace the lubricating oil. If the adjustable gasket blocks the grease, one must remember to check the position of the adjustable gasket.

4. Oil leakage. If the oil is too much, the fuel supply must be adjusted. The oil level must be up to the standard height. In addition, if there is a hole in shaft block or there is oil leakage, the hole should be blocked and the shaft block of the sliding bearing must be replaced immediately.